Oman International Container Terminal

Location: Oman – Sohar Port

Industry Sector: Transportation & Logistics

Oman International Container Terminal (“OICT”), state-of-the art container-handling facility capable of accommodating the latest generation of mega-vessels. The facility is situated in the Port of Sohar, outside the Strait of Hormuz in the Gulf of Oman. OICT, operated by Hutchison Ports, serves as the main import/export terminal in Oman, with a captive demand from the adjacent Freezone and industrial area.

Khazaen Fruit and Vegetable Central Market

Location: Oman – Khazaen Economic City

Industry Sector: Social Infrastructure

Khazaen Fruit and Vegetable Central Market is a new purpose built 500,000 sq meters logistics hub scheduled to commence commercial operations in Q1’2024 for the wholesale trade of fresh produce in Oman. The facility is situated in Khazaen Economic City, strategically located in the outskirts of Muscat, serving the largest population footprint in Oman. The market will enable a food processing industry within Khazaen, and consolidate importers, exporters, retailers, customers, and traders in one location.

Oman Tech Infrastructure

Location: Across Oman

Industry Sector: Telecommunications

Oman Tech Infrastructure is the region’s first fully independent telecom towers operation, that will support the rollout of 5G networks, provide better tower sharing opportunities for its clients, and benefit from the continuous growth in mobile data traffic. The acquisition was conducted alongside Helios Towers, an experienced owner and operator of telecom infrastructure in emerging markets.

Oman Broadband Company

Location: Across Oman

Industry Sector: Telecommunications

Oman Broadband Company is a leader in deploying broadband infrastructure in Oman and prioritises equal and open access for telecommunications service providers, aligning with the Digital Oman strategy. Oman Broadband is strategically positioned to expand high-speed internet services, contributing to a digitally connected Oman. This acquisition reinforces Rakiza’s presence in the telecommunications sector and responds to the growing demand for reliable broadband connectivity in Oman.

Tihama Power Generation Company

Location: Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

Industry Sector: Utilities

Tihama Power comprises four Combined Heat and Power plants (CHP) located at Ras Tanura, Ju’aymah, Shedgum and Uthmaniyah, in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Tihama’s four plants produce 1,600 MW of electrical power and 6.3 Million Pounds per Hour of process steam and have been in operation since 2006. Output is consumed by Saudi Aramco, through a long-term off-take agreement. Rakiza partners with Engie on this project: a world-class infrastructure manager and a 60% shareholder in Tihama Power.